Quality & Dependability

All phases of your project are controlled by StarFlite Systems which assures you quality, consistency and customized features.

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Heavy Duty Enclosures, Built to Last

Using an all-welded, structural steel frame, StarFlite Systems' modular enclosures are built to produce a stable, clean, climate controlled atmosphere for operation and maintenacne of your systems. All of our buildings are top liftable, but can incorporate bottom lifting lugs if necessary.

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Turnkey Service, Built to Order

At StarFlite Systems, every job is built to order, ensuring your exact design and dimension requirements are met. Our modular, prefabricated building services include design, engineering and fabrication. 


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StarFlite Systems is the leading manufacturer of modular, prefabricated industrial enclosures!

Our StarFlite Promise

At StarFlite Systems price and value are inseparable. From the preliminary stages of deciding what type of enclosure is needed, to the delivery of the finished product, StarFlite Systems is there to guide you through the entire process. We know lead time is one of the most important factors when selecting your enclosure provider; the costs associated with missing a delivery date can be thousands of dollars. Building in a climate controlled environment eliminates any weather related delays, which allows reliable project scheduling. Our business model allows us to scale our production to meet any challenges you face. When choosing StarFlite Systems, you can be confident that we will assist you in a professional, courteous manner. 

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