Locker Rooms & Restrooms

While we are primarily known for our work in the heavy industries, our customized approach gives StarFlite the versatility to fabricate enclosures for various uses. In recent year, StarFlite Systems has become a trusted source for locker rooms and restrooms. From workers on a drilling site, to the local high school football team, we can provide a design suitable for your environment.

These prefabricated units can be installed outside as a stand alone building, or placed inside an existing facility. Sometimes, customers request a restroom be included within their control room or pulpit, which is a simple accommodation. The enclosure will be delivered to your site completely finished, only requiring final water, sewage and electrical hookup. 

Your next locker room or restroom can come fully equipped and furnished, including any of the following customizable features:

Handicap Accessibility Partitions
Tankless Water Heaters Mop & Utility Sinks
Showers Custom HVAC Systems


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