Industrialized Unit & Modular Building Programs

We're a Registered & Approved Manufacturer

What is an Industrialized Unit?

An Industrialized Unit is a regulated structure governed at the state level. They are often called Modular Units, or Pre-Manufactured Units. One municipality describes an Industrialized Unit as:

"An assembly of materials or products manufactured in such a manner that its structural, plumbing, electrical, environmental control, or fire protection elements or components are concealed and are not readily accessible for inspection at the site of its intended use without disassembly, damage or destruction. It is a building unit or assembly of closed construction fabricated in an off-site facility, that is substantially self-sufficient as a unit or as part of a greater structure, and that requires transportation to the site of intended use. Industrialized units include units installed on the site as independent units, as part of a group of units, or incorporated with standard construction methods to form a completed structural entity."

"An industrialized unit is not a manufactured home."

-- Ohio Board of Building Standards



It is your responsibility to inform StarFlite if your building needs to comply with an Industrialized Unit Program.

Please research this with your local Municipality. Fabrication cannot begin until stamped & approved drawings are received from the State’s Industrialized Unit Department.

Feel free to call us should you have any additional questions. We will work hard to earn your business and to make the project run as smooth as possible.

Plan Review & Inspections

All Industrialized Units must go through a code review and approval process as outlined in each state's “Industrialized Unit Program”. Since the fabrication of the unit will be completed before it ships to your site, a state-approved Third Party Inspection Agency must inspect each unit throughout the fabrication process. Having the code review, approval, and inspection processes finished before your unit leaves our facility means that you may only need a local permit for the foundation and installation of your new unit.

We are currently under contract with a Third Party Inspection AgencyInfoOur current Third Party Inspection Agency is Progressive Engineering. that is qualified to inspect and assist in plan reviews whenever needed. This additional provision gives you the added assurance that your unit will be built to your specifications and with the high quality that comes from StarFlite.

In order to comply with these regulations, StarFlite has enhanced our Quality Assurance / Quality Compliance Policy which allows us to be quickly and easily approved as an Industrialized Unit manufacturer in any state.

How Does This Affect You?

While not every state has rules that regulate such structures, some do.

If a state has an “Industrialized Unit Program” in place, everyone is required to follow it. Although it can add cost to the project up front, bypassing these regulations in a state that requires compliance could cost you more in both time & money.

By not complying with these regulations in states that require an “Industrialized Unit Program", the local municipality may insist that the building is dismantled in the field for an inspection, they may deny you an occupancy permit, or they may require that the building is shipped out of the state (all at your expense.)

Since there is no way to predict every possible expense associated with these requirements at the quotation stage, StarFlite Systems will quote your building as usual. Once it has been determined that your unit is indeed required to follow an established Industrialized Unit Program, StarFlite will work with you and the local municipality to determine the actual costs.

But remember… These cost are not included in your original quotation.

Typical charges associated with this requirement can range anywhere from $3,500 to $7,500 (but may be more or less depending on your specific project.)

Potential charges may include the following:

  1. Plan Review Fees - Building Code & Energy Code Compliance (Com-Check)
  2. StarFlite Systems Registration & Project Registration Fees
  3. Engineer’s P.E. Stamp (& re-stamp as needed)
  4. Electrical, Structural, Wind, & Seismic Calculations (stamped by P.E.)
  5. Third Party Inspections (by state approved TPA)
  6. Changes to your design/ materials to accommodate the Building Code Review & Energy Code Reviews (lighting, windows, doors, HVAC, insulation, etc…)
  7. StarFlite Administrative, Shop, & Engineering costs